Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Mars Hill - Day Deux

Rob Bell tackled the enormous topic: what does it mean to be saved? Great stuff.

His rant: saying a prayer and asking Jesus into your heart is not the key marker of getting saved. The problem, as he pointed out, is that there are plenty of people who have prayed the prayer but don't walk the talk; and there are plenty of people who have never prayed the prayer, but their walk is alot like The Talk.

The invitation is to move away from a statement centered means of "knowing" you are saved, and move towards a dynamic interaction with Jesus - who is the Way, The Truth, and the Life.

Alot of what he talked about, though worded a bit different, sounded alot like some of the ways I have been articulating the gospel at Anchor. He's heard my stuff!!! Ha...

For me, at the core, it is understanding salvation as a Way of Living that is interdependent with the Work/Words of Jesus. Jesus wants all people to be rescued/reconciled. Jesus is the only Way, but there are many ways to Jesus. Reading through the Gospels and Epistles reveals an astonishing way of "coming home".

I also attended a session about how Mars Hill does Elders. Fascinating. Revealing. Empowering.

An observation: Rob has presented ideas, theology, philosophy, biblical studies: not practical how to tips that are not transferable from a large church to a small church. This is stuff that I can (and am) absorbing immediately.

One great tip that came out of another session in regard to sermonwork: let ideas marinate for six months. I'm going to do that. Right now.

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Anonymous said...

Boy, did you set yourself up for an absolutely fantastic sermon this Sunday.............

All kidding aside, it sounds like a lot of creative thinking was going on up there.