Friday, January 05, 2007

Happy Birthday Levi & Isaac

Today is their second birthday. They helped make blueberry pancakes this morning, and we served them with candles. After we took the flaming torches out we lathered them up with whip cream and syrup. Yum!

Then they opened up their presents: train engineer play clothes to go along with their wooden train set. They love it.

At noon we went to JCPenny to get their two-year old pictures taken, and then home for a snack and a nap. Then it was up and at 'em, out the door - we dropped Emma off at Aunt Amy's house, and then mom, dad and the brothers went to Bob Evans for a birthday feast.

We then ended up at Target to get them two very cool car carrier cases for all their Hot Wheels and Match Box cars and trucks. Then it was home, brushed the teeth and kissed them good night.

I can't believe they are two already!

Tomorrow is the big party with the family. That will be fun!

When we ask them how old they are, Levi holds up two fingers like a "V", and Isaac holds up one finger on each hand. Too cute.

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