Saturday, March 03, 2007

Any Day Could Be The Day!

Yes, I'm talking about Tara and our little baby...our entire household lives under this imminent coming of Baby Hallman. Everytime Tara feels pressure in her belly, or some discomfort...we wonder: could this be the hour? It is a fun time, the anticipation keeps us smiling...and we keep talking about it with the kids. We have the bags packed, the clothes washed, the coming home outfits are ready to go (boy and girl), the nursery is stocked, and now we wait...we're hoping to wait another week - minimum, at least get through Emma's Bday on the 13th...that will give us some time to relax before the storm!

Today Tara is scrapbooking all day, that is my bday present to her. Thursday was her bday, March 1st, she is 33! She wants time, so I give it - and she's trying to catch up on two years of ambitious...part of why I love her so!

Happy Birthday Tara...and Baby Hallman - hang in there for another week, okay?!?!

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