Thursday, March 29, 2007

Here's Eli!

Here's a handful of pics at Dupont Hospital with some family.

Finally, the three of us can cuddle together! We've waited what seemed like a long time to hold Eli in our arms.

Emma, Levi and Isaac love their little brother, Emma is showing Eli the card she made for him.

Eli is a very peaceful sleeper, especially in the arms of his Daddy and on the shoulder of his Mommy.

This is our family! On Tuesday morning I brought Emma, Levi and Isaac up to visit Momma and Eli. It was an interesting visit, but that story is for another post. Papa Ger and Grandma Rozer joined us for the morning, and later on Uncle Jerm, Aunt Maria, Eva and Lydia stopped by for a bit.

This is the coming home outfit we bought for our little guy...except it's already to short on him. It's a premie, which was plenty long for our other kids. Poor Eli is scrunched in what is otherwise a very cute fuzzy outfit.

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