Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Happy 4th Birthday, Emma!

Yesterday - Tuesday, was Emma's fourth birthday!

Emma, you are a delightful daughter, we are always glad for your smile, your abundant enthusiasm, your silliness, and your thoughtful concern for others.

We had fun celebrating the day with Emma. First thing in the morning Tara pulled out her wedding dress for Emma to wear, and then the photo shoot began! It's a fun tradition, and each year it gets more and more special. Emma looks so cute in the flowing white gown.

Then she opened a gift & card from her Mommy and Daddy, a Precious Moments figurine, and four tickets to the book fair that night at her pre-school, she could pick out four books for her special day. Oh Joy! Emma loves reading.

Mom and Dad went to work and then after the weekly doctor's appt. at the end of the day, we came home and whisked Emma off to her bookfair and carnival. Clifford the Big Red Dog was there, they had all sorts of games, including one where we raced on tricyles (Emma won, of course!). After the carnival we picked out some books, including a very, very funny kids book called "Bad Kitty"...did I mention it is clever and hilarious?

Following the bookfair/carnival, we headed to DQ for a tasty treat, and then off to Dupont Hospital to visit new Baby Hannah Jo Saleh! She is so cute! And now Emma and Hannah are birthday buddies (they also share that day with Uncle Dave!).

We got home late, got ready for bed, read one of our new books, and then prayer, hugs/kisses, lights out.

What a wonderful birthday for a beautiful Emma!

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