Monday, March 19, 2007

T'was a Fun Winter

We had fun this winter playing in the snow. This was the first year the guys were really able to get out there and enjoy the white stuff. As you can tell...

Grandma Karen bought us a new sled...thinking all three of the little tykes could fit on it at once - apparently I'm supposed to be able to pull them all indefinitely through eighteen inches of thick snow! Fortunately for me, and too bad for Emma, only two kids at a time could get hauled up and down the sidewalk.

Levi was busy shoveling the driveway. He didn't have time to sit on a sled when there is work to do...he takes after his mother!

Emma was glad to sit in the sled, but she only had time to pose for a picture, the sled didn't move fast enough.

Isaac loved his new snowpants and jacket. The problem was that with all that thick layers, he couldn't walk through the snow! Daddy had to shovel out paths throughout the backyard in order for the brothers to get from the patio to the playset. Which ended up being a lot of fun. I dragged them on the sled through the paths in the backyard, much to their delight and my sweat.

I love being a dad!

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Anonymous said...

They are all just too..... cute!