Sunday, March 11, 2007

For There I Find Delight


Too often the Mosaic Law is percieved as archaic and burdensom. The way some reference it, we should be relieved that we are set free from these commands. But I can't get over how this poet of psalms again and again articulates his blatant delight in this Mosaic Law.

"Direct me in the paths of your commands, for there I find delight."

It's an interesting phrase: God must direct my steps so that I will attain what is delight-full...on my own, I am unable to gain what is most gladdening. This poet finds delight in both in the experience of being directed, and also in the place he finds himself having walked the way of the Creator and Father.

There is this ongoing appeal to desire and delight in the OT. For as much as we find the OT cumbersome, the unwaveringly appeal to what is most beautiful about God's Way as revealed in Deuteronomy. Ironically, I don't find many people delighting and celebrating the Gospels...rather they are picking and pulling what they like out of it justify their own ways, or using it to burden others. Which is what happened with Deuteronomy and the rest of the Torah. Interestingly, Jesus said that he did not come to abolish the Law of Moses, but to fulfill it...why? Because it is so preserves life and through its fulfillment in Him he will produce in us abundant Joy, a life that overflows with contagious love, hands that serve with such skill and beauty that Creation, rather then always groaning under the weight of our sins, begins to sing with us about the coming redemption of All Things.

Jesus, may you give me understanding that I may have the delight you promised to us...a delight in your instruction which I will follow to the End of All Things.

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