Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A Tasty Soup Supper with our Presbyterian Neighbors

Sunday evening featured our third church hosting neighborhood congregations for tasty soup and plenty of great desserts - oh, and real warm hospitality as we get to know each other better. Grace Presbyterian on Fairhill Avenue hosted, and it was very enjoyable. I've not known many Presbyterians in my life, but Barb and her church are very likable folks with a wonderful committment to Jesus and blessing the neighborhood with the Gospel. It is refreshing to sup with believers of that calibre.

I walked away from the evening encouraged by their solid roots, but also impressed by their ongoing creativity and eagerness to partner with other churches, to reach their neighbors with the love of Jesus, and to have such a gracious spirit about them. Hence their name, I guess! Anchor will be a better church because of Grace, and I hope the relationship is mutual; and not only between our two churches, but all five churches involved. But this is not only for our sake, but for the sake of those who don't follow Jesus yet, for those that will get to know Him because of what He is doing amongst us and through us.

Here's some pics at Grace - mostly of some Anchorites!

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