Friday, March 02, 2007

Kierkegaard on Purity

Sincerity is not a gift but a duty.

There is only one end: the genuine Good; and only one means: to be willing only to use those means which are genuinely good.

No matter how much of all the earth's gold hidden in covetousness may amount to, it is infinitely less than the smallest mite hidden in the contentment of the poor!

When a book has become old and shabby, the binding separates and the pages fall out. Similarly in our time people are disintegrated; their understanding, their imaginations do not bind them in character.

We can flee evil out of fear for punishment - like slaves, or out of hope for reward - like hirelings, or out of love of God - like children.

- pages 359-362, Provocations: spiritual writings of Kierkegaard

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